nextCloud Hosting

Hosting SSD

Unlimited Traffic

99.99% Uptime

Weekly Backups

Renews R49.95 /mo
Perfect for personal use & small business.
Renews R299.95 /mo
Perfect for small businesses to medium business.
Renews R499.95 /mo
Perfect for big companies and graphic designers
Disk Space/Storage 25GB 200GB 450GB
500GB 1000GB Unlimited
Panel Accounts 1 5 10+
FTP account
Custom Domain
Free Daily Backups
24x7 Support
Control Panel NextCloud Panel NextCloud Panel FTP / NextCloud

NextCloud Hosting FAQs

A little bit of information about nextcloud & why we use them.

What is NextCloud Hosting & why do you use it?
  • NextCloud is an open source cloud application tha make it easier & safer for the consumer to use. Instead of using an FTP interface like FileZilla where not everyone understands FTP.

    NextCloud offers a new way of using your cloud and sharing your uplaoded content.

Does an ssl encryption come with my cloud?
  • Yes it does when requested, our mega cloud '' does have SSL encryption, our business clouds M-Node & L-Node does not come with SSL encryption by default but can be requested to be installed becuase they get installed on a new server seperate from the mega cloud.

Is an upgrade possible from my current cloud hosting plan?
  • Yes an upgrade is fully available only on server side upgrades. If your on M-Node or L-Node and your cloud was on the mega cloud '' and you want to upgrade to your own domain cloud a data transfer needs to be approved first. After the data transfer your new data will be on your new cloud.

Is there any money back guarantee with the nextcloud hosting services?
  • Unfortuanaly we do not have any money back policies but we can give you NCred for your other hosting or for future use..